What happens when your date orders calamari at a steakhouse?

Find out in my latest story written under my pen name, L. K. Smithe.

As I’ve found my voice, my writing has evolved from “risqué writing” to a more authentic, humorous style chronicling my days of “dysfunctional dating.” It’s less graphic and more relatable, I think. I hope you’ll like it.

Please check it out and tell me what you think. And, don’t forget to follow L.K. Smithe.

Thanks, and happy reading!

Linda Kowalchek is a work in progress and a member of the typewriter generation. She



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Linda Kowalchek

Member of the typewriter generation. I write about the writer’s journey and things that happened to me. 100% AI free. Reach me at Linda.kowalchek@gmail.com