Medium Left Me With No Choice

I had to turn to Substack.

Linda Kowalchek
3 min readJan 19


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Medium totally put the screws to me.

They’ve probably put the screws to you, too.

Here’s what happened.

So, I wrote a nice little story about my experience with freelance writing. Here it is:

A nice, medium-length read that provides some valuable information that I figured people would benefit from and enjoy reading. These types of stories have always done well in the past.

So, Medium shows it to virtually no one. Thanks for nothing, Medium. So, almost no one reads it.

I don’t even give a shit about making money from the Partner Program at this point; that’s a lost cause.

I started to think, if a story is posted on Medium and no one has the opportunity to read it, should I even bother to write it?

Yes, I should definitely keep writing, but I shouldn’t post it on Medium. Medium has made its point. It doesn’t want what I write. So, I will post my stories elsewhere.

I started with this:

For the love of whatever deity you worship, please subscribe to my Substack publication. Yes, I am begging.

It’s free. And you should always take advantage of whatever is free unless it smells bad or gives you a rash. My Substack publication is both odor-free and hypoallergenic, so you should definitely subscribe.

Unless things change on Medium, I will likely follow up by starting additional publications on Substack that will house the type of stories that Medium readers have enjoyed reading in the past, and I have enjoyed writing, like the following:



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