I Was Traumatized by a Story I Read on Medium

It turns out it wasn’t even true.

Linda Kowalchek/L.K. Smithe
4 min readJan 22, 2023
woman wearing surgical mask
Photo by Engin Akyurt for Pexels

I think most writers on this platform would like to have more readers. But some writers are willing to sacrifice their reputation (if they have one) to gain readers.

Recently, I was reading an article written by a very popular writer. It was about COVID.

I care about COVID. I haven’t had it yet, that I know of, and I am really trying to avoid getting it.

So, I had planned to go out and run some errands, go to Target, McDonald’s for a large mocha frappe, and stuff like that. Shortly before I was about to leave for my errands, I read this writer’s article about COVID on Medium. The information contained in it scared the shit out of me.

I forwarded the story to my sister for her to read. And then I called her to find out what she thought.

During our call, I told my sister I was so concerned about what I had read in the article, specifically a chart that had statistics in it, that I didn’t know if I would leave home to run my errands now. Based on what I had read, despite being one of the few people still wearing masks in public, I was now afraid to go out in public.

My sister asked me if I had read the chart of statistics in the story. I said I had. She then…



Linda Kowalchek/L.K. Smithe

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