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Member of the typewriter and bottle of White-Out generation. Reach me at

Someday you need to actually get married.

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Dear Lisa,

Calling you my friend is generous on my part. However, it’s difficult to think of you as a real friend because I find your beliefs and life goals offensive.

While I was a little girl swinging on the swing set, playing with trucks, and making mud pies, you…

Here’s what none of them taught me.

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Last year I took three classes to learn how to make big bucks writing on Medium. I wanted to know what I was doing before starting to write on Medium. I figured if I were super-prepared and super-knowledgeable, I would be guaranteed to make at least $1,000 my first month…

And I’m saying everything that’s on my mind.

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The other day I was talking with my sister. She asked me how my L. K. Smithe profile was coming along on Medium. That’s my profile where I write exclusively about relationships and life experiences.

Initially, I intended to use that profile for some risqué stories, but I changed my…

This is Joey’s — in a nutshell.

White and black cat on bed
Photo of Joey by author.

Today, my precious boy, Joey, left me to go to his other forever home.

Some people say that he went to the Rainbow Bridge; I don’t know where he went. All I know is that he’s not with me anymore, and that is a terrible feeling.

I brought Joey to…

So he tries to keep me “in the closet.”

partially open door
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I loved to write ever since I was a little kid. My mom caught me writing on the dining room wall with a crayon when I was around four years old. She didn’t flip out at all. …

Stuff I learned, plans, and what I want to tell others. And money.

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When I started reading Medium in 2018, it was reasonable to believe that a writer in the Partner Program could earn money that would fairly compensate the writer for their efforts. However, in my opinion, this is no longer the case.

Whether there is an issue with the algorithm, too…

Get your stress off your chest with an open letter.

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Even the best of friends can irritate each other. But you can relieve that pressure by putting your thoughts and feelings into the form of an open letter.

An open letter is a letter that is directed toward a person or group and is intended for publication. …

Reality sets in.

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They say the truth hurts. More accurately, the truth can suck.

Freelancing seemed like the perfect solution. My husband wants me to make money. I want to write — the solution: freelancing.

With freelancing, I can earn money while writing. It’s the perfect plan. So, I began my journey.


It’s ruining my reading experience.

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I love reading Medium. I read Medium for a couple of hours, pretty much every day. In fact, I spend more time reading Medium than I spend writing stories to publish on it.

Here’s what I don’t like: reading a great story only to have the last words from the…

Linda Kowalchek

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